Roll Call For Monday December 22nd, 2014

Kill The Can Roll CallWelcome to the daily “roll call” post here on the blog. Please use this blog post to post your daily promise that you won’t use nicotine in any form including dip, chew, snuff, SNUS, cigarettes, cigars or NRT.

To post roll, simply leave a comment below with your forum screen name, days quit and your quit group.

NOTE: If you’ve never commented on the blog before, your comment may be moderated. Don’t worry… you didn’t get bumped 🙂

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  1. Day 17 here. Had a good day. Not having dreams yet. But I notice I’m not sleeping well. Wake up several times a night. Staying positive thanks to you guys

  2. Day 21. Wow 3 weeks out.3 weeks quit. I’ve never posted this late. Busy as hell. Had a few urges but mamaged. For self, family and friends.

  3. Thanks everyone, makes me feel a little better.

  4. Day 16 – Been eating like a horse and sleeping like log lately, I did have a weird dream that my wife showed up at my office and had male pattern baldness going on and looked like a monk. yikes, thank god it was only a dream.

    Happy Monday everyone, hope you got all your shopping done because the malls are a fricking madhouse, not that I would know of course. 😉

  5. Day 14….two weeks feels good. I have these crazy dreams as well Erik and James. I started having them a couple days in. They went away for a while but came back last night.

  6. Day 17. I had bad dreams latly myself. But I’ve been on a light dose of pain meds. I had my left knee replaced 2 weeks ago. It’s been tough not chewing while being on the mend from surgery. Dreams can be wierd when quitting an addiction.
    Have a good day you all

  7. Day 41: had one of the biggest cravings last night. Beyond that all is well. Have a great day everyone and stay true to yourself.

    • Way to hold it together and come up on top Ken! You take more pride in yourself when you are able to look in the mirror and see a quitter looking back! You have come a long way, so keep climbing!

  8. Day 19…good weekend. I survived a Christmas party on Saturday night. Felt really good about myself on Sunday morning for not dipping. Everyday seems to get a little better.
    Erik…I haven’t had to many weird dreams but I read that is one of the side effects.

  9. Day 14. Good weekend. Had a few cravings last night as I had a little buzz going on but got through it.
    Erik I have weird dreams also. Last night my weird one was that I was plunging a toilet full of you know what. Maybe has to do with me cleaning my life up and plunging the nic bitch. Lol

  10. Day 26: Overall a pretty good weekend limited cravings. Had some weird dreams though, is this happening to anyone else?

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