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  1. So I’ve never been on this site so idk really what to do but I’ve been dipping for 5 years and want to quit before I get too old. The past month I’ve tried to quit and today I finally have had no nicotine. The hardest part is telling people you’re quitting and no one really caring and knowing how hard this shit is.

  2. Day 1, trying not to think about all the times, over the next few weeks (months) that I would dip. This time is the last time!

    • I’m on day 4 with the help of Chantix. I’m a 45 year dipper. I’m down to 2 or 3 pouches a day. Hopefully by next week completely chew free. Need to keep the mouth busy so I’m using a lot of sunflower seeds and gum. Any thoughts from anybody

  3. hi ya’ll been dippin for 6 long years i finally decided to quit the other day for good mid second day

  4. Today I acknowledge that tobacco has essentially controlled me for nearly 32 years. Because I want to be in control, I will dip no more.

  5. Hi Everyone,

    I just took my last dip and am very apprehensive about my ability to stay dip free. I have dipped for more than 35 years and it’s time. I need to do this for me. I’ve been a hostage to dip for most of my life. I would like to post each day of my progress and will need your support. Just want to say thank you for this site and the people on it. I’m not one to ask for help but…..

  6. Started Copenhagen in the 7th grade, 41 years ago. Now, with 2 grandkids and one on the way, I was scared for years that one of those sores that I get in my mouth is not going to turn out to be “nothing”. Time to get rid of it. I am lucky that my physician at the local VA Hospital set me up with a complete nicotine patch system. Was on that for a month and a half and now I’m going on two months off the patch and coming up on 100 days since I quit, and I’m doing fine. Do I still want it? Hell, yes, but I’ve earned the right to say that I’ve killed the can, not going to put my head back in the noose. An angle that I have used all along that probably wouldn’t work for most people is that on the first day that I quit, I bought a new can. I discovered that it makes me feel better knowing that that “safety net” is there. I still carry that same unopened can with me. I’ll probably throw it away at some point, but the temptation to break it open just simply isn’t there. I’ve thought about it, but something else rises up in me and kills the urge. I am very glad I got rid of it, am tobacco-free for the first time since 1975 and do not plan on going back. You can do it!

  7. JakeTheSnake1978

    I only choose the Oregon Mint Snuff as the best source of helping me quit tobacco. Of course I never dipped any smokeless tobacco products at all. I have smoked cigarettes before. But now I have given up all smoking for good. That is cold turkey. Now with the mint snuff, that is helping me a lot. There may be other nicotine free sources. For mint snuff, I choose the wintergreen flavor.

  8. I haven’t done snuff and chew for very long, but I ended up getting addicted in less than a year. It’s something for other who are thinking to start, DON’T. Now I am about a week without it and I have been diving into Smokey Mountain and this stuff is so much better! No addiction, KILLS cravings, and I’m just glad I don’t have to fear addiction and face it everyday anymore!

  9. Been on the quit for 5 days. I must be on the 34th attempt. Does anyone ever get a strong craving for chocolate…?

  10. Anyone know of a good alternative to Grizzly natural fine cut?

  11. I said I quit, but still having a hard time. This must be the 50th time in my life I’ve said I quit. How do I make it the last?

    • It’s all about making a decision and maintaining accountability. Head over to where we’ve got 21,000 members and growing. It’s the best place on the web to quit dipping and get info from folks who know what you’re going through because we’ve all been there.

  12. After hearing that I will be a dad for the first time this September, I’m 48 hours in to a life without Copenhagen. For the better part of 18 years I gave in to that stuff, and I finally realized that I wouldn’t be around for my kids if I keep going. 48 hours in, with a lifetime to go.

  13. Day 3 without Skoal, 38 year habit.

    • Congratulations CDP! As you may know, now that you’re on day 3 you’re coming up on the 72 hour mark which puts you 100% nicotine free! That’s AWESOME!!!

  14. almost 3 weeks since my quit. still have a lot of trigger craves but itll be worth it in the end..

  15. Day 3… after almost 30 years.. quit a 1000 times. this is the last. is the nicotine gone from my blood after three days? despite the restless sleep and body temp ups and downs, feeling pretty good. if we can do this, we can do anything…

  16. just hit the 100 day mark! It seems like the last two months have been totally chill. The last week however, OMG!!! How it is that I have not folded and bought a can is beyond me. Had I only been without dip for a week or so, I wouldn’t have been able to get the best of the mindgames. Anyone else experience intense cravings out of nowhere around the 3 to 3 1/2 month mark?

    • Alan – YES… some of the worst cravings I ever had in my quit came just AFTER I hit the 100 day HOF. Luckily, as time goes by your craves will become less and less intense and will become less and less frequent. Just make sure you don’t think you’re “cured” after 100 days. Sadly this isn’t the case, but you’re well on your way!

  17. April 16, 2013… Finally got serious about quitting, it dawned on me that I was approaching the point where I would have spent half my life with a dip in my lip. Realized that life is too short and I am not looking for an express lane! 6 days dip free and looking forward to the first time a day passes that I didn’t give it a thought.

  18. First day without it, such a killer headache

  19. After 23 years of dipn’ I am 7 months clean. No urges cravings or even wants for a mouth full of lip turd.

  20. No problem. We’ve got some additional reviews here on the main site Once you’ve tried them if you’d like to write a review I’d love to add it. Thanks!

  21. Chewie- thanks for the feedback. I will look at some of the reviews on these. I have ordered a couple of the brands so I will find out how they are.

  22. Mike – thanks for stopping by and congrats on your quit. Reviews that I’ve personally written are here on the blog at

  23. I am in my 2nd day of quitting skoal for 20+ years. I have been looking at reviews for some of the alternatives. I looked for Smokey Mountain at my local Walmart but couldn’t seem to find it. I am using Oregon Mint snuff but would like to try others. Can I get some people’s opinion on preference?

    • King Sooper’s is where I found the Smoky Mountain

    • I am on day two and going nuts morning coffee is really bad the dentist told me I might need to have a bio done in six mon trying to kill the craving chew 32 years if you know something to help please let me know thanks

      • Phil,
        I’m mid-way through day 2 also. It’s simply crazy, now I know what the “fog” is. The best thing I have found is this KTC site. otherwise, try the Smokey Mtn brand, I am not using it this time but others have told it has helped them.

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