Changes To The KTC Blog

Change Ahead KTC

For the past several years I’ve been keeping up this blog with a DAILY blog post for people to post roll. At the time this was necessary because our forums were less than stable and they were going down on a pretty regular basis. We wanted to ensure that KTC quitters had an avenue to give their promise, even if the forums were down.

Well, I’m happy to say that not only have we shored up our forums to the point where they are MUCH more stable, but we’ve migrated the majority of our roll call activities to our Discord server. Due to these very positive changes, the roll call here on the blog has become less and less important over the years.

That said, I’m not willing to completely abandon the blog for roll call purposes. But I am going to make some changes. Moving forward, rather than having a DAILY roll call post, I’m going to create a MONTHLY roll call. You can still come here and post your promise and you can do it daily… just do it on the same post for the entire month.

NOTE – this does NOT mean you should post roll once per month 😉 Daily roll call is still paramount to a successful quit. 

Thanks! Chewie

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