Roll Call For Thursday August 13th, 2015

Kill The Can Roll is dedicated to helping people quit dipping, chewing and using all forms of smokeless tobacco. We believe that NICOTINE is our enemy. Until you are free from the drug that you are addicted to, you can’t be free from your addiction. If you’re looking to quit smokeless, we can help. We won’t tell you it’s easy because it’s not. Quitting dip may be the most difficult thing you’ll ever do. Adding a support system to your quit can be the difference between success and failure. The best quit dipping support system available is the support forum.

The most important thing we do on the forums is Roll Call. It is our DAILY promise that we will not use nicotine in any form for that day. This includes all forms of smokeless tobacco, SNUS, cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). We don’t worry about the concept of quitting forever.  We quit for today and tackle tomorrow when we get there… together.

Use this blog post to post your daily promise. Leave a comment below with your forum screen name, days quit and your quit group.

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  1. It’s been a long rough road so far…went cold turkey after 25 years of a three can a day habit. I’m on Day #6 free today! Selfie High five!!! I swear I’ve had all the withdrawl symptoms possible and they continue. Note to others….I’ve found it very therapeutic to completely destroy mint flavored toothpicks during this withdrawl period. Chew up up into a nice pile…heck, even pretend they are a dip for a few minutes…then get a fresh one to destroy!

  2. I promise to quit.

  3. Day 12. Stress/anxiety is high. Glad you are here.

  4. Day 275: Stay strong everyone.

  5. Day 255. Went to MLB app first. Damn St. LOUIS. Should have started here first, where I know for sure there are winners. I quit with all of you today. For self family and friends. NIC FREE IN 15.

  6. Today makes day number 4 that I have been quit. I have tried many times before without success but this time I have to as I know it will kill me if I don’t. My plan this time involves Wellbutrin, Nicorette products and Smokey Mountain Chew and so far it has been tolerable. I have dipped 1 or more cans per day for the past 20 years and I’m sick of it controlling my life. Let’s not kid ourselves, we are addicts the same as someone addicted to alcohol or drugs and require the same support system to overcome this addiction. This site has been very helpful, especially the stories of other folks like me who have overcome years of addiction.

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