Roll Call For Thursday April 16th, 2015

KillTheCan Roll CallNicotine is an incredibly addictive drug. Because of that, quitting dip may be the most difficult thing you ever do in your life. And even though we are called Kill The “Can” we realize that our true enemy is the drug itself: NICOTINE.  Adding a support system like the online community to your quit can be the difference between success and failure. Our forums are the biggest and best quit dipping support system available today to allow you continue living nicotine free.

Roll call is your daily promise that you will not use nicotine in any form for that day.  It is the cornerstone of our activities at and is the reason for our continued growth and success. This includes all forms of smokeless tobacco (long cut, fine cut, long leaf), SNUS, cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). We quit one day at a time and worry about the next day when we get there… together.

Please use this blog post to post your daily promise.

To post roll, simply leave a comment below with your forum screen name, days quit and your quit group.

NOTE: Comments are moderated for new posters. It may take a while to show up.

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  1. I would have used. F! The urges. Glad it wasn’t here. Way to long to be like this. The Bitch is a Bitch.

  2. Day 2 began at 12 NOON, keep getting this Pavlov’s dog saliva mouth watering for chew thing going on, I ate a little more than normal today food wise. But… chew I’m not giving in!

  3. Day 26, I feel like a douche for letting this crap control so many aspects of my life for so long

  4. day 80. got my jake’s mint chew in the mail yesterday. thanks chewie for posting that rural king had it. since it was retail outlet i was able to order a couple cans to try (versus having to buy a log off amazon). pretty good stuff! now that i have the physical addiction in check, the fake stuff is great for the mental. the other day i forgot my can of smokey mountain on the way to work and started to freak out. then i started laughing, i am not addicted to the fake stuff it can wait till i come home!! just the whole not having the can with me use to trigger absolute panic.

  5. GregP. Day 52. I promise to quit.

  6. Day 134. great job to all you quitters out there.

  7. Day 34 I’ll stay quit today

  8. Day 130 – I promise not to use nicotine in any form today. Good interview with my old company yesterday. Job sounds right up my alley and the interviewer was impressed with my expert responses,which is exactly the positive feedback I needed to boost my confidence up after getting stepped up in my current job. Stay Strong everyone!!

  9. Hubie337 day 248

  10. Day 29 – one more day, I quit.

  11. Day 81 of my quit another day of freedom

  12. Day 156: Changing my name so the New Ken can post with it. Stay strong everyone!

  13. Day 135. Pulled a 12 yesterday. Already have my 40 with two to go. Makes a man want to rub, just not this one. For self family and friends. NIC FREE IN 15. . .

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