Roll Call For Sunday March 22nd, 2015

Kill The Can Roll CallEven though we are called “KillTheCan” we realize that our true enemy is the drug itself: NICOTINE.  Nicotine is an incredibly addictive drug and because of that quitting dip may be the most difficult thing you ever do in your life. Adding a support system like the online forum to your quit can be the difference between success and failure. Our forums are the biggest and best quit dipping support system available today. And best of all, they’re FREE!

Roll call is the cornerstone of our activities at and is the reason for our continued growth and success. Roll call is quite simply your daily promise that you will not use nicotine in any form for that day. This includes all forms of smokeless tobacco, SNUS, cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy. We quit one day at a time and worry about tomorrow when we get there together.

Please use this blog post to post your daily promise.

To post roll, simply leave a comment below with your forum screen name, days quit and your quit group.

NOTE: Comments are moderated for new posters. It may take a while to show up.

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  1. Fuzzy (Cobrakai on the forum)

    Rain Rain We Love that you Came! Enjoying the rain in Texas!

    4 Years 7 Months 18 Days (1,691 Days)

  2. Day 105 – i quit with all of you today. Spring is in the air and I am feeling new triggers as the season changes. dont know that i have ever fished without a dip in my lip. Hope the weather changes for my brothers up north and you get to feel the warmth again.

  3. Day 67… gets easier every day. Never thought I’d say that

  4. Day 15 NEVER thought I could make it two weeks!! Anniversary tonight staying the night in casino. Its nice to not have to worry about running out of chew!!! Go Jayhawks!!

  5. Day 109. I stay quit with you!

  6. Day 21.. I quit with you all today.

  7. Day 27. I promise to quit today

  8. Day 110. Because of inventory and illness I will be doing a double at work. Would usually chew the whole time to help me stay awake. Won’t happen during this double bubble. I quit with all of you today. And early tomorrow. For self family and friends. NIC FREE IN 15.

  9. Dat 131: stay strong everyone and I quit with you all today!

  10. Day 4 and I quit once more. This is a daily pledge. All I have to do is make it one more day. Got a couple of cancer sours that need to go away now!

  11. Day 56 of my quit and to my brothers and sisters I stand with all of you no lip dirt today

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