Roll Call For Friday March 6th, 2015

Kill The Can Roll CallNicotine is an incredibly addictive drug. Quitting dip (of any form of smokeless tobacco) may be the most difficult thing you ever do in your life. Adding a support system such as the online forum to your quit can be the difference between success and failure.  With nearly 23,000 members, our forums are the best quit dipping support system available today.

Roll call is the cornerstone of our activities at and is the reason for our continued growth and success. Roll call at KTC is simple.  It is your daily promise that you will not use nicotine in any form for that day. This includes all forms of smokeless tobacco, SNUS, cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs and NRT. We quit for today.  We’ll worry about tomorrow when we get there.

Please use this blog post to post your daily promise.

To post roll, simply leave a comment below with your forum screen name, days quit and your quit group.

NOTE: Comments are moderated for new posters. It may take a while to show up.

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  1. Day 52

  2. Day 90 , I quit with you today.

  3. Day 10. Hit the double digits!

  4. day 4, feeling good

  5. Day 93…I almost broke my pledge yesterday. Was hanging out and drinking with my neighbor after we shoveled the snow. I was telling him earlier how glad that I quit. He still uses. After a couple of hours of hanging with him I asked him for a dip. I’m so thankful that he said no. I promise not to use today.

  6. John
    Day 40 of my quit what a journey it’s been by far the hardest thing I’ve done if life beside being in the U.S.ARMY but I will stand with you all loud and proud

  7. Day 5.. looking forward to first weekend in 24 years without dip.

  8. day 11! day 10 was a nightmare!

  9. day 39. hang in there you guys with less than 2 weeks.

  10. Day 62. We got this! TGIF!

  11. Day 65, glad to be quit with all of
    You today. For freedom!

  12. Day 94. We got over a foot. Hurry spring. Sliding into work today with my wonderful wife. Coldest day EVER! in March, but this won’t make me chew again. For self family and friends. NIC FREE IN 15.

  13. Day 115: I quit with you today! Stay strong!

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