Roll Call For Tuesday February 24th, 2015

KillTheCan Roll CallQuitting dip is difficult. In fact, it may be the most difficult thing you ever do in your life. Adding a support system to your quit can be the difference between success and failure. The best support system available today for someone looking to quit dipping is the online forum.

Roll call is the most important thing we do at and is the reason for our continued success. Roll call at KTC is simple.  It is your daily promise that you will not use nicotine in any form for that day. This includes all forms of smokeless tobacco, SNUS, cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy. We don’t worry about the “forever”.  We quit for today.  We’ll worry about tomorrow when we get there.  Please use this blog post to post your daily promise.

To post roll, simply leave a comment below with your forum screen name, days quit and your quit group.

NOTE: Your comment may be moderated. Don’t worry… you didn’t get bumped but it may take a while to show up.

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  1. Day 53, Sorry I haven’t been posting roll every day. But to be honest I don’t really even think about dip anymore. With all the things I’ve been doing since I have quit it doesn’t cross my mind unless I am at a gas station or I see somebody doing it. This site did wonders in helping me quit, but now the initial withdrawal is over, I am actually finding it quite easy to stay quit.

  2. Day -80 I quit with all of you today.

  3. I’m getting sick of the fake shit

  4. Day 55, I quit with each and every one of you today.

  5. Day 83..stay quit my friends.

  6. Thirdshift88 john
    Day 30 of my quit and my
    Smokey Mtn

  7. Day 105: stay strong everyone.

  8. Day 84. The temp. And my quit have something in common. Both 0.Zero outside and zero chance I’ll put that shit in My mouth again today or ever. For self family and friends. NIC FREE IN 15.

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