Roll Call For Tuesday December 9th, 2014

KillTheCan Roll CallWelcome to the daily “roll call” post here on the blog. Please use this blog post to post your daily promise that you won’t use nicotine in any form including dip, chew, snuff, cigarettes, cigars or NRT.

To post roll, simply leave a comment below with your forum screen name, days quit and your quit group.

NOTE: If you’ve never commented on the blog before, your comment will be moderated. Don’t worry… you didn’t get bumped 🙂

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  1. Corey’s wife here. Glad to see you made 16 days babe. So proud of you. Love you bunches

  2. Sorry I missed roll yesterday. Super busy all day. Today is day 3 No chew. Day 2 of no nicotine. Mouth is already starting to feel better. Very dizzy and foggy first day but yesterday a little better but bad headaches. Oh well. It’s my own fault. So Chewie am I officially day 2 or 3?

    • James – your day count is the number of days since your last use of nicotine so I’d say day 2. Incidentally, it takes nicotine 72 hours (3 days) to work its way out of your body, so after tomorrow you’ll be 100% nicotine free!

      • Sounds great. I have a buddy that is wanting to quit and I told him about this site. I think that he thinks it is corny or something but I enjoy reading the blogs and having accountability. I told him that he and I have tried numerous times to no avail so this might be the ticket. I love that reading that contract when I feel like giving in. You know the one about loving dip more than family and wanting to live. Great reverse psychology.

  3. This is my first roll call post. I didn’t know how to do it or the protocol. I am learning from some good people. Thanks for another day free of chew.

    Steve H – Day 1778

    • I put the wrong day on my post. I looked at my quit calculator and it is 1779 days. I didn’t want to cheat myself out of a day. Sorry.

  4. TimeKiller911 – Day 12 – I’m here, I’m here, I’m here. You all can be at ease now. Boy, a fella misses roll call one day and his name shows up on the naughty list hahaha

  5. thanks Chewie! I thought the gum would help the withdrawls a bit more while I got used to the feeling of no tobacco in my lip. To be honest I don’t even notice if the gum actually helps or not. I am ditching the gum jumping out of the plane.

  6. Day 1….Lord help me!!!

    • Yes sir day 1. Before you know it there will be two 00’s behind that 1. You joined us. Don’t go back. I love being a quitter.
      Corey day 4

    • Hang in there Pete! You are here cause you want to be here. Stay strong and show the can who is boss of your life. You can do this.

  7. Eric here, day 3 and feel like sh*t. Defintely in the physical withdraws period. Been Chewing Nicotine gum and trying to hold it together.

    • Chewing the gum is actually prolonging your agony as it’s reintroducing nicotine into your system. When you get rid of the gum it’ll suck to be sure, but that’s when your true nic free recovery can begin. You can do it!

  8. Corey here day 4. Keep it going fellas! Oh may I ad while educating my self on oral caner. I stumbled on a website that said he average cost of oral cancer is 200,000$!

  9. Day 3 and still going strong!

  10. Day 22. I use the fake stuff off and on but the cravings aren’t as bad as they were. I feel so much better off the can! I promise to not have a chew today.

  11. First let me thank all for this outlet.Day 9 and still a strong desire to chew, especially in the morning. Will beat this SOB for self, family and friends.

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