Roll Call For Monday April 14th, 2014

Kill The Can Roll CallThe forums are (still) being upgraded. (See the full timeline here).  Not sure if we’ll need this post but wanted to open up this for the purposes of posting roll on Monday the 15th (at least until the forums are back up and running).

To post roll, simply leave a comment below with your forum screen name, days quit and your quit group.

Thanks for your understanding during this transition.  We’re looking forward to our new forums!

NOTE: If you’ve never commented on the blog before, your comment will be moderated. Don’t worry… you didn’t get bumped ;)

Update April 14th – 8:30 AM

The Little Engine That Could continues to chug along.  We’re past the 24 hour mark and while it’s taking WAY longer than anyone anticipated, we’re still error free (fingers firmly crossed).  At this point all PMs, topics, forums & member data has been migrated as well as 2.31 of 2.5 million posts.  Getting close to the finish line we hope!

Update April 14th – 11:00 AM

We’re down to about the last 120,000 posts or so to be converted. The issue we’re running into isn’t data loss (which is a tremendous thing) but rather conversion time.  As the conversion gets larger, it’s going slower.  We’ve got a couple of things we’re working on to speed up the process but at this point we’re looking at a couple more hours.  Best case would be early afternoon but we’re making progress!  Almost there!

Update April 14th – 2:00 PM

We’re less then 50,000 posts to be converted.  Inching toward the finish line ever so slowly!

Update April 14th – 4:00 PM

The forums are BACK!!!  It’ll take us some time to get things looking the way we want them to and for us to get comfortable with the new software, but we’re back up and running at  Thank you for your patience!

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  1. It’s day one. A little scared.

  2. snackette- Day 5 with the Dip Destroyers! no nic today, yesterday or tomorrow

  3. DippinDoc – 30 fuggin’ dip-free days! Quit again today with the June poon.

  4. Longhorn83 – 42

  5. cbird65 836 RMMA 833 KHobes3 825 Auburn 826

  6. 2mch2lv4- 647
    I think I may have already done this but I’ll do it again! I quit with you all today!!!

  7. Kavatron87- day 7- one week, feel great.

  8. nomor4tay – May 2014 – Day 57!

  9. 180 days quit. Slightly nervous about softball season approaching. Bought 12 cans of Hooch snuff thanks to KTC community.

  10. Sharsky 550

  11. Macgregor – it’s propably Day 7- still hangin’ on July 2014

  12. KGirl April 2012, Bumping Bastards

  13. WWB – 23 hundred sumthin.

  14. dabear1985 – 730. TWO YEARS QUIT.

  15. day 27, didn’t realize posting was done here…quit on with all the KTC community

    • Hi Jay – when the forums are up and running roll call is typically done there. We’re in the process of upgrading which is why we’ve got these posts available for roll call. Good to quit with you today!

  16. yemtig-day 21-quit all day with the destroyers

  17. whirlymike – still quit

  18. Mafrey day 32 June quit group


  20. vkculpepper-Day 17- Still quit after a weekend from hell. No nic today.

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