Ode To Day 92 – The Marathon Continues

1992 Dream Team

So today a few more hit the 100 day mark, Big shout to OB, NICKALD and Worktowin you’ve got some heart! Many of us are pushing to where you got. Those that think it’s easy, are full of shit, IT’S NOT! We all have our demons, I sure know I … Continue reading

Ode To Day 91 – Pride Setting In

Ode To The Quitter - 91

The countdown’s begun, ten days and I’m there. It sure ain’t been easy. Yeah, I’ve had a scare. A couple of days in, and I was ready to cave. But my brother’s reminded me of an early grave. It was totally my fault when I took my first dip. I … Continue reading

It’s Day SIXTY-SEVEN And Who Would Have Thunk

I Love 67

It’s day SIXTY-SEVEN and who would have thunk That I’d last this long without getting drunk. I’ve been tested and I’ve been tried, But I’ve also POSTED UP, so I’ve never lied! Yeah there’s been days that I’ve wanted to CAVE, But I’d txt a FOG CUTTER, and that killed … Continue reading