PRO-DIP Update – Out of Business


Good afternoon folks! I wanted to give you a quick update on smokeless alternative company PRO-DIP. For the time being, PRO-DIP is out of business. I will remove all links to them from the site and blog and will link to this post. I’m being told that this is NOT permanent but … Continue reading

PRO-DIP Pouch Review


Back again this evening with a review of a new smokeless alternative product! PRO-DIP (  is, “The world’s first 100% tobacco & nicotine free healthy supplement pouch.” PRO-DIP pouches are designed for the body to maximize its nutrient uptake and absorption in a hands-free, time-released fashion. PRO-DIP launched with six products: ION, … Continue reading

Quitting Dip, Alcohol Early In Your Quit & Hooch Snuff

Drinking When Quitting Dip

I received an email from a member the other day with some interesting feedback.  As you know we’re big fans of smokeless alternatives for dealing with the oral fixation that is part of our addition to smokeless tobacco.  For some quitters, these fake dips can be an amazing tool in … Continue reading