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  1. Every review is practically the same and I wish I knew that before wasting my money on half these not even a fraction close to the real thing “options” come on let here the negatives and facts so I’m not sitting here with a “dip” of sawdust dipped in wintergreen.. there has to be something out there that really hits the spot

    • Sorry to hear that. I try to be as objective as I can with every review and when I write them I try to remember that most people don’t read them all. Is there a particular review that you disagree with? There are SEVERAL out there that “hit the spot” but that’s a personal preference. What brand / flavor are you looking to emulate?

  2. Well, here goes nothing. Tomorrow will be day one of my quit. I chew roughly a can and a half to two cans a day. I was curious about how much this nicotine free chew generally cost? Planning on picking some up tomorrow. Also, what down sides are there to it? Any health threats with it? Tooth decay from the ingredients, anything like that? Thanks!

  3. “We take great pride at Jake’s Mint Chew in making the finest quality mint chew as a healthy alternative to chewing tobacco. Jake’s Mint Chew launched our all-natural mint chew about a year ago in hopes of helping people quit chewing tobacco. It is important to us to create a viable company with only the best ethics and social purpose in mind.

    To be honest, we were overwhelmed by how quickly Jake’s Mint Chew took off! Within a few months we had received orders from all over the United States and have shipped to several other countries as well. We have done our best to grow with the business and to keep improving on our quality control, order fulfillment, and customer service. We feel we have been making great strides in all three by getting the best quality, all-natural ingredients we can find, actively asking our best customers what they would like and how we can do better, we try to process our orders in much less time and we Priority Mail out all orders usually within a couple days. We use only American mint growers and, based on our customers concerns, have created more stringent methods to keep the mint as stem-free as possible. We are limited by the mint leaf size and the way we receive the mint in how we can control the cut.

    Not everyone likes mint alternatives. As disheartening as it is to hear a complaint, we have come to realize that you can’t please everyone as much as we truly try. The fact is there is an extremely high relapse rate with chewing tobacco and our all-natural mint alternative obviously has no nicotine or tobacco which people continue to crave during a quit. Our mission is to make a satisfying, healthy, mint alternative that mimics as much as possible the oral fixation and general texture of a dip. We take all feedback….mostly good but some bad….to heart and really try to keep improving on everything within our control. We keep our pricing as competitive as possible but will not sacrifice our ingredients to do so.

    There are a lot of alternatives out there, and Jake’s Mint Chew certainly strives to be the best. Overall, our feedback is incredibly positive, our repeat business has skyrocketed, we’ve tried to be as accommodating to everyone as possible, and we have just introduced a new flavor, Cherry, which was picked by a focus group made up of our most active patrons. Anyone can write what they want on a blog….good or bad…but the real truth is that we’ve helped a great many people quit dipping tobacco with Jake’s Mint Chew. We really do feel great when we get a nice note and crappy when we get a bad one. We’re human. The truth is, Jake’s Mint Chew’s goal is aligned with yours…to get people to quit dipping tobacco.”

    Adam Benezra from Jake’s Mint Chew, LLC
    Peabody, MA

  4. Absolut Snus is a new coffee flavoured tobacco free alternative to chewing tobacco, made in the style of traditional Swedish loose moist snus.

    The packaging of Absolut Snus describes it as an ‘Energy Booster’ and mentions that it is made to a Swedish Coffee formula; research online has found mention of caffeine being added to ‘dipping tobacco’ historically as a natural ‘pick-me-up’.

    There is a ‘kick’ to Absolut Snus from the caffeine content and Absolut Snus does ‘feel’ like traditional Swedish loose snus when held between the cheek / lip and gum

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