Even After 7 Years, I Still Fear Cancer

Vintage Dentist

Even after nearly 7 years quit, the thought of going to the dentist for a non-scheduled visit leads my hypochondriac brain to places I don’t want it to go.  I simply cannot tell you how many times I’ve thought about cancer in the last 7 years.  Hell, I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

An Open Letter To Nick Swisher From A Fan – Quit Dipping

Nick Swisher In His Indians Jersey

Dear Nick Swisher ~ Welcome to Cleveland!  As a huge Cleveland Indians fan I simply cannot tell you how jazzed I am to see you donning a Tribe jersey this season.  I was driving to work the other day and literally got goosebumps when I noticed a guy walking on … Continue reading

It’s Almost Turkey Time… Cold Turkey!

Quitting Cold Turkey Is The Way To Go!

I don’t know about you, but as the calendar turns to November, my thoughts turn to the holidays.  We’re past Halloween and next up on the list is one of my favorites… Thanksgiving!  Synonymous with Thanksgiving naturally the turkey, and synonymous with KillTheCan.org is quitting tobacco cold turkey style! At … Continue reading

Quitters Never Forget

Quitters Never Forget

As the day winds down on September 11th, 2012, I feel compelled to write just a few words.  I’ve never been a military man, I’ve never been a police officer and I’ve never been a fireman.  I’ve never been a doctor, I’ve never been a politician and I’ve never been … Continue reading

Cigars And The Quitter

Homer Simpson Smoking A Cigar

The topic of other nicotine (cigars, cigarettes, snus, nicotine patches, gum, etc.) and if they’re “allowed” for a quitter on KillTheCan.org comes up quite often on the forums and I wanted to put this post together so the next time it comes up I’ve got my response ready to roll. … Continue reading

5 Words That Can Kill A Quit: “Can I Bum A Dip”

A Can Of Dip

Yesterday was Opening Day for my beloved Cleveland Indians (No jokes please… the psyche of a Cleveland fan is delicate at best).  As I do just about every year, I was there to welcome my team back to the field.  Aside from the fact that it was cold as hell … Continue reading

Canker Sores – In The Mind Of A Former Dipper

I've got a canker sore... do I have cancer?

I’ve been quit now for over 5 years.  Unfortunately it took me over 17 years to smarten up to the point where I made my decision and actually quit dipping.  These days it’s very rare that I even think about dipping other than when I’m posting roll on the forums. … Continue reading